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Test Kit for Foaling Management

Predict Foal Birth Within 24 Hours


Since 1990, when CHEMetrics, Inc. first introduced FoalWatch, hundreds of equestrian breeders have relied on this easy-to-use test kit to predict foal birth. Now, this widely acclaimed product is available for convenient, direct online purchase.

Elminate Nightly Foal Sitting

FoalWatch is based on proven chemistry, so you can rest easier at night. 

Safe and Easy to Use

FoalWatch contains no hazardous or toxic chemicals, is non-invasive, and requires no medical training to run. Allows safe and comfortable movement of mare prior to foaling.

Everything You Need for Testing

FoalWatch comes complete with 20 Test Ampoules, test tube, distilled water, syringe, sample cup, and complete instructions.

What Customers Are Saying

I used this kit with my maiden mare, our first foal experience. On day 320, the kit read less than 50. On day 322, the kit read at 250. My husband spent the night at the barn, we had a foal at 5:07 AM the next morning. The kit is awesome and we would have missed the birth without it. I highly recommend it.
– Stacie Richmond

I have used the foal watch test kit for years, every time it has been 100% accurate! I lost both mare and foal quite a few years ago due to complications (breech) After loosing my mare and foal, I decided I will be there for EVERY DELIVERY and I have been…THANKS TO CHEMETRICS FOAL WATCH KITS!! Every breeding facility needs these!!
– Gwenn Wilmoth

Frequently Asked Questions

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