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About CHEMetrics

The FoalWatch™ Test Kit is based on water analysis testing technology developed by CHEMetrics in Midland, Virginia, and was developed in cooperation with Dr. William B. Ley, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACT, of Virginia Tech’s Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences.

The FoalWatch test kit helps determine when a mare is likely to foal through the detection of changes in the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) levels within pre-foaling mammary secretions. In his groundbreaking study The Use of a Prefoaling Milk Calcium Test Kit in the Foaling Management of Mares, Dr. Ley reported on accuracy and repeatability of FoalWatch kits while comparing them with other foaling test kits on the market.

CHEMetrics, meanwhile, was founded in 1969 by MIT-trained chemist Gordon Rampy. The company’s extensive product line of water testing kits is based on self-filling reagent ampoule technology he pioneered. It allows analysts to conduct colorimetric water analysis with greatly increased simplicity, convenience, speed, and safety, both on-site and in the laboratory.

CHEMetrics has grown rapidly through the development of new products, our novel proprietary manufacturing techniques, and acceptance of the self-filling ampoule seen in the marketplace.


More Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that the milk test yet again proved how invaluable it is for our breeding program. Our first mare wasn’t due until March 14th and has been showing no signs of pending labour. Her milk colour changed drastically last night so I decided to test it. She tested at 300 and foaled 10 hours later. Had we not had the milk test we probably would have assumed we had a few days before foaling. 

Thank you for your amazing product and continued amazing customer support.”

-Amanda Stolarchuk

“I can’t say enough about this kit!! I used it twice this year and it was right on the money. I tested in the morning and the color results showed a purple shade, then I tested again at night. Low and behold the color was blue! I had my babies within 24 hours. I will be getting three more kits this year and would recommend FoalWatch to anyone who’s anxiously waiting on their special delivery.”
– Debbie Marcosson

“I found this product about nine years ago and it has NEVER failed me. What I love is that it tells me when I DON’T need to stay up and watch my mares. I love being there when they foal, so thanks to this product the most I have to stay up is maybe two nights in order to be in the barn and watch the big event. A cot, a Thermos of coffee, and FoalWatch – That’s all I need!!!”

“Last year we had 35 mares at our racehorse farm and I did not miss one birth. Another plus: Each mare was able to stay out in pasture with her buddies until the very last minute. Before I started using this product, we put mares in foaling stalls every night after they started bagging up. Sometimes it was 20+ nights. We love FoalWatch!”

– Cole Ranch

“This little girl is Merida, and she was born at 11 p.m. on July 9, 2019 at 11. In the afternoon we took the test and it turned blue between 350 and 500 so we stopped at the stables. Next thing you know, our little one arrived.”

A group photo of the Colorado State University Equine Reproduction Laboratory in lab suits

“We also use your FoalWatch kits in university course titled Foaling Management; the course is for 3rd/4th year Equine Sciences students and 2nd year veterinary students. The students will collect milk samples from about 65 late-term pregnant mares, analyze calcium levels and have fun predicting when the mare(s) are likely to give birth, which they will attend.
Overall, we are big fans of the FoalWatch system.”

Patrick M. McCue, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACT

Iron Rose Ranch Professor of Equine Reproduction

Colorado State University

Equine Reproduction Laboratory