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For Good Measure.

CHEMetrics, Inc. was founded in 1969 by Gordon Rampy, principal and CEO, to exploit his development of a unique device for conducting colorimetric water analysis. Today's extensive product line of water and wastewater testing kits is based on that invention, the self-filling reagent ampoule. This innovative technique has greatly increased the simplicity, convenience, speed, and safety of colorimetric water testing, both on-site and in the laboratory. The firm grew rapidly from its inception as a result of timely patents, novel proprietary manufacturing techniques and immediate acceptance of the self-filling ampoule in the marketplace. Strong corporate growth is also attributable to employee loyalty. Many of the earliest employees are still active in the daily workings of the company. Each year CHEMetrics manufactures and ships millions of ampoules for simplified water testing to the following markets: Aquaculture, Boiler/Cooling Water, Chemical Processing, Drinking Water, Education, Environmental Testing, Petroleum Refining, Power Plant Utilities, Pulp and Paper Mills, Semiconductor Manufacturing/Electroplating, Wastewater-Industrial, Wastewater-Municipal, and Water Conditioning. The company employs over 55 full time personnel in its Midland, Virginia headquarters, located in a rural setting just beyond the bustling Washington, D.C. suburbs. CHEMetrics products are available worldwide, both directly and via a global network of distributors. Our office hours are from 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays. You can reach customer service at:, or call 800-356-3072 to speak with a Chemetrics Representative.