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Test Ampoulesfor FoalWatch prediction

How to use the Test Ampoules for fast, simple, titration tests.

Each Test Ampoule contains a carefully measured quantity of titrant sealed under vacuum. The sealed tip is fitted with a miniature valve that is used to control the flow of sample fluid into the ampoule as the handler performs what is known as a "reverse titration."

Sample fluids are drawn into the ampoule in small increments (with mixing) while the handler watches for a color change from red/orange to blue. When that change occurs, the ampoule is placed in an upright position and the test result is read opposite the location of the liquid level, using a scale printed on the side of the tube.

The entire process requires only a minute or two and avoids all the equipment hassle and clean-up associated with ordinary procedures.

HOW TO USE Test Ampoules


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